Updates in 2017

11/14/17 Tuesday
added new free links to Webdesign help, Classifieds, SearchEngines
Added new web crawler search engine key word site search

11/15/17 Wendsday
updated the Add url here page to free site submission text links only with form to fill out also in advance coding

11/16/17 Thursday
Added new affiliate links to Cars, Business, Phone, Photos, Beauty
Added new affiliate banner to Insurance

11/17/17 Friday
added new page to christian about life's questions

11/18/17 Saturday
Added new free links to government, references, Jobs/employment
added new affiliate links to Eye, Car
Added new affiliate banner to Food

11/22/17 Wendsday
Added free submited link to car
Added new affiliate links to Clothing, Health, Shoe, Games sites, book, Food
Added a new affiliate banner to Credit cards
sorry i have not been updating lately but i have been a bit under the weather.

11/28/17 tuesday
added free links to Addurl
Sorry i am still not feeling well but i will try to add more links any way no submissions are coming in for some reason i will be looking into this today also

11/30/17 thursday
Added new links for free to internet safty, Chat rooms
added fun old antque car look to car back ground
Added affiliate links to Books, blinds, Christian
Added affiliate banner to Family
only 1 website submission since i changed the price to free for people to add their websites for free.
Added new back ground to website templates

12/4/17 Monday
Deleted the google customized website search due to it violating this website's terms in which i do not allow any popup. i am sorry it took so long for me to figure it out.

12/8/17 Friday
Added more information to help people figure out what i ment for the Addurl to this site page. for some reason not many people have wanted to add there website and do not understand that it is free to add your website once again
updated Privacy page just a little

12/10/17 Sunday
Added new free links to Religion

12/11/17 monday
Added a new page for Questions and Answers link is on homepage only

12/12/17 Tuesday
Added new free links to Government, Housing

12/27/17 Wendsday
added new links to Hearing aids, Credit cards

1/8/18 Monday
Added new free links to Actors
I will not be updating this website for a little while i will be having surgery tomarrow and i will not be able to work on my website for a few days or longer. Everything will continue to work properly while i am out of the office. There will still be people answering emails

1/10/18 Wendsday
I am feeling some better after surgery so i am trying to work.

Added new free links to reference

1/12/18 Friday
Added new submitted link to Personal homepages

1/13/18 Saturday
Removed bad links and banners from affiliates and sponsors on following pages Beauty,Business
Added free links to the following pages Cable, Camping
Removed bad link from Camping

1/15/18 Monday
Added free submitted link to jewlery
Removed bad non working links from Chat rooms, Crafts, Crochette, Dating
Added new free links to Chat rooms, Crochette
Removed non working affiliate links Computer, Cleaning

1/16/18 Tuesday
Added new submitted link to Animal rescue
Removed non working affilite links on Electronics

1/19/18 Friday
Added free links to Family, Game Sites
worked on design of Computer
Added new page Computer software
Added new affiliate links to Computer, Computer software, Sports
Added new affiliate banners to Webdesign

1/20/18 Saturday
Added new affiliate links to vaping, Health, dishes, Beverages Food

news todayTheMrsWeb.com is the process of developing a new website. All we know so far is that is has something to do with food..mmmm..food..i cant wait to hear more about it..we will be the first to hear about it on here on this updates page.

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