Updates page 4 (2017)

created the this page a new page for the new year.
added new affiliate links to Webhosting, Webdesign help

Added a new link to health

3/3/17 Friday
Added new links to Taxes, Jewlery for hair accessories. Have a great friday.
3/27/17 monday
Added new links to health, beverages

Added new links to Science, Government sites
Added new affiliate links to Webhost, Flower, Phone,Computer, Decorating, Furniture, Malls
Removed bad affiliate link from music, College, Webhosting, Webdesign help, webmaster

Removed bad affiliate links from Searchengine, Loans, Jewlery
fixed logo to correct logo for pages i missed them on searchengine, Tools, tickets, taxes, Legal

updated logos to the most recent one on following pages Wholesale, Webserver, Writer, Webdirectory, Religion, Shoes, Personal
fixed broken links on Religion and References

added new links to pet

Removed bad links on taxes, recipe, jewlery,insurance, internet, homeschool, health
fixed logos for recipe, jewlery, insurance.html">insurance, homeschool

5/14/17 Sunday Happy Mothers day
Added new links to internet,
Fixed non working images and links on Internet, Hearing aids, greetingcards
Fixed non working menu bar on internet

5/15/17 monday
fixed logo for pages as follows Games sites, Garden
Looked for and ereased any bad and not working links for pages as follows Games sites

fixed ebay link for my auctions now it works Auction
added contact us form to Contactuspage

Fixed logo for following pages Ebooks, Family
Deleted non working links for the following pages Food, flowers, Eyes, entertainment, Emplyment

6/13/17 tuesday
edited the bottom of the home page to uncluttor it. and edited the contact us page
added new page add url here i wanted to seperate the advertising and add your site here pages to end the confusion. i also created new buttons to make the homepage look prettier they are linked to pages.

updated the addurl page with new payment options and advertising with a new payment option also.

added new page utility
Added new link to utility

6/25/17 sunday
fixed homepage it was not aligned correctly after adding the page on the 23rd
fixed counter on the utility page it was not working
added a new page for free turnkey website downloads, added that link to Computer and Free

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