Cell phone trouble shooting help
Q: Web pages are too big for my cell phone why?
1. all pages should be excepted for smart phones some might require you to view it on the side of the cell phone to fit
2. for fip phones and others that are not smart phones it is not usually posible for them all to fit. you will need to upgrade to a smart phone for it to work

Q: how do you uninstall programs on a smart phone that where downloaded from google store?
you must go to google store under your account you should find an uninstall link for all of the programs you have downloaded using google store

Q: What is the difference between sim and sd cards?
the sim card is the little white card in all cell phones have that are needed to active them with a phone number
a sd card is the little black card in the cell phone you buy seperate it is more commonly known as a micro sd card. they go all the way up 128 gigabite of external storage

Q: what is external storage? and internal storage? in a cell phone
external storage is the sd card it is external because you can take it out and your phone will still work or you can take it out and put it in a new phone
internal storage is only what the phone comes with and it is much smaller than the external storage usually is or they could be the same in a smart phone

Q: How do i update my phone?
you need to contact your phones network which is like verizon or net10 who ever you pay for service.

Q: What do i need to do to make the update take effect on the phone?
you have to just restart it one time perferribly in your home area

Q: what if i do a update and the restart with out being in my home area
you will need to restart your phone once you reach your home area again so you will back on the correct towers
by restarting it should change all by itself

Q: how do you clear a old phone number when you change am exsisting contact number?
1. update or edit contact
2. high light the number or click on the field the number is in
3. backspace or clr the old number away
4. add new number
5. save contact
note: some phones do not have the update or edit contact option and you have to delete the old number and contact than readd them completely

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