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5/6/16889849.comnon english forum
4/21/16AndersonRaduiClub.comFree bulletin board from france
4/26/16Art IslandArt message board
4/22/16Buschis.eunon english bulletin board
4/22/16Arduinnas-gefaehrten.atnon english bulletin board
4/26/16Memberhub-tsch.comjob board and a few more subjects
4/22/16Off.tjnon english bulletin board
4/26/16Reality-Rp.comgeneral discussion board
4/26/15TalkingScholars.comLots of different subjects
4/22/16TheMrsMag.comForum for site information

Gaming bulletin board sites
4/26/16EpicOK.comEpic of kings role playing game
4/22/16StormWorksGaming.comquestions and answers and general
4/26/16ninja-song.net Game forum

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