10/3/17Pepsi.compepsi,mountain dew soda pop
4/12/15siaramist.comSoda pop
10/3/17Sprite.comlemon-lime soda pop

9/12/17BigelowTea.comsimilar to Herbal tea
9/12/17mountainRoseHerbs.comHerbal teas
9/12/17RedRoseTea.comUsually comes with a free ceramic figurine in the box of regular tea but not the decaf
9/12/17TeaVana.comherbal tea

9/12/17BulletProof.comCold brew coffee and protein and food and drink too
9/12/17maxwellhouseFresh till the last drop
9/12/17NescafeUsa.cominstant coffee
9/12/17Peets.comCoffee, tea, tea pots and cold brew coffee and more

Coffee accessories
9/12/17Coffee-mate.comAll kinds of different favored coffee creamers

alcoholic Beverages

Non-alcoholic Beverages
6/24/15DrinkMixer.comlots to choose from
7/13/15Table Spoon.com20 non alcoholic party drinks

Beverage affiliates
7/1/17Adagio Teas Best Tea Online
1/25/18Spend $59.00 or more items and your coffee ships for free!! crosscountrycafe
12/29/15Coffee.org 47 Brands and 90 Varieties of Coffee Delivered to Your Doorstep.
1/20/18Golden Tips Tea
1/20/18Buy Loose Tea Online jk tea shop
1/20/18If losing 8 pounds in a month* sounds too good to be true, ITíS NOT!... www.skinny.com
1/25/18Organic & Fair Trade Gourmet Coffee/Tea with Recyclable Pods shopBlends.com
1/20/18Green tea teadaw
1/20/18The TeaBook -The ultimate gift for tea lovers and organizers.
10/3/17The WhiskyX

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